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EVERMOTION Archmodels Vol. 1-149
EVERMOTION Archmodels Vol. 1 to 149 | 104 GB

3d models collections for architectural visualizations. Max, c4d, fbx, obj and many other formats included.

Category: 3D Models » 3D Max | Keywords: EVERMOTION, Archmodels Read More

Gumroad: MentorShip 2014 by Anthony Jones
Gumroad: MentorShip 2014 by Anthony Jones | 12+ hrs | 7.99 GB

This is the COMPLETE series of lessons that were given specifically to the students of the Robot Pencil Mentorship. This is a small taste of what the class is about as most of it is through the in-class engagement and critiques/paintovers.

Category: Tutorials » PS Tutorials | Keywords: Gumroad, MentorShip, Anthony, Jones Read More

3dscanstore: Colour Male Anatomy Bundle 01
3dscanstore Colour Male Anatomy Bundle 01 | 1.13 GB

Everything you need to create a perfect male anatomy figure. All these scans are supplied in both ZTL and decimated OBJ formats, colour maps are 10,000 x 10,000 pixel .jpg files.

Category: 3D Models | Keywords: dscanstore, Colour, Male, Anatomy, Bundle Read More
AKVIS Magnifier 8.0.11 (Mac OS X)

AKVIS Magnifier 8.0.11 (Mac OS X) | 91 MB

AKVIS Magnifier is an efficient tool for increasing image resolution.The software allows resizing images without loss in quality. If you attempt to blow up a picture (increase its resolution) using the standard Resize command of a photo editor, you will notice that the resulting photo is blurred and pixelated. The reason is that the input photo didn't contain enough information for the new size. AKVIS Magnifier will cope with this problem and deliver good results!

Category: 3D Models » MAC | Keywords: AKVIS, Magnifier Read More
VMware Fusion Professional v7.1.1 MacOSX

VMware Fusion Professional v7.1.1 MacOSX | 333 MB

VMWare Fusion... Seamlessly run your favorite Windows applications and devices, on Mac. Built from the ground up for the Mac, VMware Fusion is the easiest way to switch to Mac, letting you bring all of your Windows applications with you, making the most of your Windows software investment, while providing the perfect safety blanket for the switch. Break Down the Walls Between Windows and Mac.

Category: 3D Models » MAC | Keywords: VMware, Fusion, Professional, MacOSX Read More
Adobe Flash Professional CC 2014 v14.2 Multilingual MacOSX

Adobe Flash Professional CC 2014 v14.2 Multilingual MacOSX | 1.44 GB

Flash Professional CC provides an authoring environment for creating animation and multimedia content, enabling visual designers to build interactive experiences that present consistently across desktops and mobile devices. Flash Pro CC is a comprehensively refactored, modular, 64-bit application.

Category: 3D Models » MAC | Keywords: Adobe, Flash, Professional, Multilingual, MacOSX Read More
Wves Complete v9 R25 MacOSX

Wves Complete v9 R25 MacOSX | 1.12 GB

Featuring 64-bit support, faster scanning, faster loading, and faster processing, Wves Version 9 opens up new dimensions of high performance plugin power. From essentials like reverb, compression, noise reduction, and EQ to modeled analog hardware, surround and post production tools, artist signature collections and beyond, Wves Bundles feature the best of Wves GRAMMY award-winning plugins.

Category: 3D Models » MAC | Keywords: Complete, MacOSX Read More

Cookie 3.5.1 (Mac OS X)

Author: poster_bd
Cookie 3.5.1 (Mac OS X)

Cookie 3.5.1 (Mac OS X) | 11 MB

Cookie prevents third parties from hijacking your browsing experience. The sites you visit store "cookies" in your browser without your knowledge or consent. Some are helpful, but others are frustrating and invasive. Cookie can help.

Category: 3D Models » MAC | Keywords: Cookie Read More
Red Giant Effect Suite v11.1.3 (Mac OS X)

Red Giant Effect Suite v11.1.3 (Mac OS X) | 270 MB

Over 50 professional tools in one dynamic package.
Effects Suite gives you creative freedom and your work a truly professional appeal. From volumetric light flares to a believable cartoon look, these are everyday tools for distinctive visual effects. Effects Suite software has been used in feature films such as Titanic, Star Wars and Bourne Identity, and the package includes plug-ins that have served the visual effects community for years. This bundle of over 50 plug-ins gives a ton of power at almost 50% savings of their individual cost.

Category: 3D Models » MAC | Keywords: Giant, Effect, Suite Read More
Red Giant Trapcode Suite 12.1.7 (Mac OS X)

Red Giant Trapquote Suite 12.1.7 (Mac OS X) | 160 MB

Trapquote Suite 12 sets the industry bar with 10 tools for broadcast-ready effects and flexible 3D content. Its flagship product is Particular 2, a speedy 3D particle system with options for custom particles, particle shading and movement in 3D space. Form 2 merges particle generation with imported OBJ models, the all-new Mir creates a fast-rendering polygon mesh, and Shine generates volumetric light rays. Use Trapquote Suite to create high quality text titles, animated backgrounds and logo treatments with fast rendering and an affordable price tag.

Category: 3D Models » MAC | Keywords: Giant, Trapcode, Suite Read More
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